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Welcome to CASY
(Counselling and Support for Young People)
The principal aim of CASY is to provide a dispersed, confidential, one to one counselling service to young people aged from 6 to 25 within the area of the East Midlands. This service is provided irrespective of sex, race, political or religious beliefs.

This service is free to young people aged 6 to 19. Young people aged 19 to 25 may be asked for a financial contribution if they are in employment. Organisations requesting our counselling and /or training services will be charged according to our current rates at the time.
Casy offers complete confidentiality except under exceptional circumstances. We do not disclose information to anyone outside the project without your informed consent.
Do I have to wait?
We try to give you an initial interview within a month of you contacting us. Beginning your counselling may take a bit longer, depending on our waiting list.