We are currently taking applications for qualified counsellors and for trainee counsellors looking for a placement

We are a registered charity dedicated to promoting and preserving the mental and emotional health of children and young people throughout Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. We achieve this by delivering a range of services:

Making a Difference

Each year we make a difference to over 2,000 children and young people experiencing emotional difficulties by delivering around 18,000 hours in counselling sessions. The implication of emotional health issues is huge, and young people come to us with a range of issues including: anxiety, anger, family relationship and low self-esteem difficulties.

Counselling helps these young people to explore the difficulties affecting them in a safe environment. It encourages the development of coping strategies and allows the testing of these strategies within the counselling session. Taking these strategies out into the real world then helps them deal with their emotions in a more positive way.

Self-assessment demonstrates the effectiveness of this approach and we see a 75% increase in the ability of young people to better deal with their feelings. And this has a huge impact on other areas of their life with 40% increases in trust & hope, learning achievement and well-being.

We make a real difference in the lives of people who come through our door.

“The Counsellor listens to me …thank you very much for helping me with my problems, I really appreciate it.”

“It has been of such value to me, I have been able to rebuild my life and learnt the true value of it….if this service only helps one more person like me it’s a worthwhile cause, thank you for taking the time to listen.”

“…what makes me happy is beginning to know that I don’t think I will have as much trouble and problems as I once did and to focus on the good stuff and I think CASY has really improved my life.”