We are currently not taking on any placements for counselors, we are still open for new client referrals

For Children & Young People

For Children & Young People

You can’t stop the waves…
                                        … but you can learn to surf.

We all experience the waves at times. The feeling that things are getting a little out of our control and any minute we are going to be swamped. It is a natural feeling and something you can get support with.
The waves can come for various reasons: you might be having problems at school, issues with your parents or family or you might generally not feeling like yourself.

Counselling is one way of getting the support to help you cope with these issues. It is confidential and your counsellor won’t make judgements about you or even offer advice. The counsellor will help you talk about how you feel and work with you to develop ways to cope so that you can feel more like yourself.

The pages in this section will help you understand a little more about the counselling process.

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