We are currently taking applications for qualified counsellors and for trainee counsellors looking for a placement

You can’t stop the waves…. but you can learn to surf.

We all experience the waves at times. The feeling that things are getting a little out of our control and any minute we are going to be swamped. It is a natural feeling and something you can get support with. The waves can come for various reasons: you might be having problems at school, issues with your parents or family or you might generally not feeling like yourself.

Counselling is one way of getting the support to help you cope with these issues. It is confidential and your counsellor won’t make judgements about you or even offer advice. The counsellor will help you talk about how you feel and work with you to develop ways to cope so that you can feel more like yourself.

Making the Most of Your Therapy

Before you come for your first session at CASY, we would like to explain a few things you can expect from counselling.

What’s the first session like?

The session will be a chance to get to know the counsellor and for them to get to know you. They will explain about our boundaries together and about keeping us both safe throughout our meetings. The role as of the counsellor is to understand you, the things that are going on for you at the moment, what it is you want to achieve or change and help you through the process as best they can. We will meet every week for at least 6 weeks for up to 50 minutes.

What are the regular sessions like?

If you decide to continue with the sessions, and we hope you do, you will be in charge of what is talked about. Sometimes you might have a lot to say and sometimes you might want to do something creative while you talk. It is important for you to know that you do not have to tell the counsellor anything you don’t want to. Sometimes you might just want to hang out and not say much and that is ok too.

What do counsellors do?

The job of a counsellor is to listen to you and will often reflect back to what you have said just to make sure they understand clearly what you are telling them. Sometimes they might not say anything for a while but that is not because they are not there for you, it’s because they are giving you time to have your own thoughts.

Does having counselling mean there’s something wrong with me?

It is important that you realise coming to counselling is not because there is anything wrong with you as a person. Sometimes we all need help to work on big emotions and feelings that we are struggling with. The counsellor will not judge you or anything you say. Their interest is in helping you understand yourself and exploring how your life can be as happy and fulfilling as possible.

Counsellors believe that expressing emotions can be a healing process, so that you don’t have to use a lot of energy in keeping difficult emotions inside. We could explore the options you might have and might go on to decide to do something to change things – but this part of it will be in your hands.

Other Support

Counselling & Support

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Childline: http://www.childline.org.uk

Young Minds: http://www.youngminds.org.uk/for_children_young_people

Base 51: http://www.base51.org.uk/

Support for Young Carers

Action for Children: http://www.actionforchildren.org.uk/our-services/young-people/supporting-young-carers