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Introduction to Focussing Workshop

Introduction to Focussing

Workshop contents

The training will look at some ways of using the focusing technique originally developed by Eugene Gendlin to help emotionally troubled people. Although the focusing technique was developed in the context of counselling it can be used in other situations, such as with groups or when not a lot of time is available. This course would be helpful for anyone who works with those who need emotional support including children.

During the workshop, you will:

  • Be introduced to the focusing process and have a chance to practice this
  • Investigate the full focusing process as it would be used with others and some of the theories behind this
  • Explore the ‘Clearing a Space’ technique, a way of lightly processing troubling feelings so as to be able to get on with other things
  • Identify how these techniques can be used with younger children


This workshop is run over two consecutive Saturday’s, the fee covers both days.

To book please contact us on 01636 704 620 or by email at: office@casy.org.uk

Places are limited, so please book early.
You will need to pay for your course within two days of booking, or you will risk losing your place.