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Primary Schools

Primary Schools

Aside from our standard counsellor package within schools we can also provide a support package focussed on the needs of Primary schools. This support package is a five hour per week contract, delivered on one specific day, throughout the 38 weeks of the year.

It provides a qualified and experienced counsellor within the school to provide counselling and group support work to effectively manage the emotional health needs of the school. The counsellor will adopt a supportive role engaging with staff to ensure the best possible emotional health for the students. The five hours of the contract is split between counselling support and group workshops and allows the flexibility to prioritise the needs of the school. This package typically includes:

1-to-1 Counselling support for ages 6 and up that enables children and young people to deal with and overcome issues that are causing them pain or making them feel uncomfortable.

Workshops for students, including:
The Healthy Living Game – this is a creative way of combining the skills of listening and communicating in a floor game activity that focuses on health, knowledge, making choices, keeping safe and emotions. This workshop takes around 30 minutes and would be delivered to all students in years 5 & 6, in groups of ten.

The Drama Group – this group explores emotional health issues, focusing on feelings, through the use of drama. It is delivered over four 50-minute sessions to a maximum of 15 students from years 5 & 6.

Nurture Group – the aim of these groups is to help participants understand themselves and others better through the use of fun activities designed to build good self-esteem. It is delivered over six 50-minute sessions to a maximum of 6 students from years 5 & 6.

Workshops for school staff
What is Counselling – an introductory 50 minute workshop for teachers and teaching staff that provides an overview of counselling and aims to increase understanding of the process.

Talks for Parents and Carers
Parent talks – the package also includes two parent talks aimed at increasing parents’ understanding of emotional health in young people and the role counselling can play in supporting them.

Drop in Space – this is an informal drop in space available for young people to meet the counsellor and access more immediate support.

The package of support to primary schools is organised and delivered around the specific needs of each school. The counsellor will liaise closely with the school to deliver a flexible programme of emotional support. Regular feedback will be provided and you will be given an end of year evaluation pack covering all activities delivered throughout the year.

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