We are currently not taking on any placements for counselling

Support Us

Support Us

We work to improve the emotional health of children and young people throughout Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. There could be as many as 75,000 young people in need of emotional support in those two counties alone. We currently support around 1,500 per year by providing 1-to-1 counselling.

We fund our work through a variety of contracts, grants and the generous giving of our fantastic supporters.

But we want to do so much more.

To achieve this and to make a difference to even more lives we need your help. These pages will show how you can support us and what you can do to get involved. We strongly believe that money shouldn’t be an obstacle to good emotional health, so it is vitally important to us that our counselling service remains free at point of delivery.

You can help by donating, or running a fundraising activity or by taking part in an organised event. This section will help you discover ways in which you can support the incredibly valuable work we undertake.

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