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Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

Training Opportunities for Therapists

We are committed to ensuring the highest levels of emotional support for children and young people and one way we approach this is by enhancing the skills of therapists who work with them. We provide a range of training opportunities for therapists throughout the year covering relevant topics. This includes: play therapy, art therapy, self-harm, suicide and many more.

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What other have said about our training

“A very insightful course that has provided me with lots of practical examples”

“I have used some ideas from the workshop with a very positive outcome”

“Both professionally and personally a very useful and enjoyable workshop”

“A powerful course which led me to much reflection and personal learning”

“I would recommend this course to anyone who works with children or even adults with problems”

“I really enjoyed today and thought it was good value for money”

“Well structured use of info, it was detailed and supported by evidence but still concise and accessible”

Previous Training

The Power of Puppets

This ‘hands-on’ workshop concentrated on how to manipulate a wide range of puppets in a variety of creative and magical ways. It is about empowering you with some tips and techniques when using puppets in areas such as communication, language, literacy and social & emotional development.

Really enjoyable and chance to reconnect with my inner child.

Recognition Strokes and our Filter System

The workshop explained the different recognition strokes, how they can affect your emotional well-being and what can cause the Stroke Tank to get blocked and explores how stroke filters allow the correct mix through. This theory was adapted by Eric Berne – Transactional Analysis.

Trainer clearly understood the subject

Societal Rape Myths, Psychotherapy and the Law

This workshop was aimed at therapists who have ever, or will ever, counsel a client who has been sexually abused either in the past or present.

Thoroughly enjoyable and engaging day

Social Media: Modern Communication and its effect on young people

This detailed workshop gave an overview of the ‘social media revolution’ and the impact it is having on young people. In particular the effect of social media on adolescent well-being, the direct effect of on-line communication and the changes to the modern day adolescent’s process.

This was so interesting and I loved the obvious genuine passion with which both presenters approached the subject.

Dissociation from Feelings

This workshop offered an introduction into understanding the complexities of pre-verbal trauma, the signs to look for, what is helpful and what is not helpful, however counter intuitive it may seem!

Just wow! Thank you for assisting me further on my journey of discovery.

Personality Testing

From Carl Jung’s Personality testing to Myers Briggs at some point in our lives or careers most of us have filled in a questionnaire and then been told that we fall under a certain category. So what does a personality category really tell us? The workshop explored the real reason why determining a personality type can help; and show that personality testing isn’t about fitting people into categories but is done to help understand a person’s core values and internal motivators.

I … cannot emphasise how much today offered an excellent training and learning environment.

Self-care for Practitioners

This workshop explored how emotions and stress affect the physical body and by learning some self-care techniques can alleviate the pressure felt from modern day life. The techniques explored included:
Massage- From self body massage, head massage, massaging others
Breathing- A variety of techniques from calming anxiety to promoting stillness and self -awareness

I was very uplifted by the course, Rosemary was so knowledgeable. Help me considerably to re-connect with myself. Thank you.

Social Media

This workshop explored topics such as: impact of social media on adolescent well-being, the direct effect of on-line communication and the changes to the modern day adolescent’s process, up to date information on current social media streams and the use of social media in therapy with adolescents.

Jess was brilliant, would definitely recommend this course, Thanks!


This workshop provided counsellors with the opportunity to explore attachment. In particular it focussed on how the client forms relationships and how that formation impacts emotionally and behaviourally. It also looked at how the counsellors own attachment style can affect the therapeutic relationship and offered ways of working with clients with insecure attachment styles.

“It has opened my mind to things that will support my role as a counsellor, bereavement support worker and pastoral role”

Person-Centred Art

Person-Centred Art joins the person-centred counselling approach to the therapeutic use of art. By making visible our images, we can tap into material from the subconscious which is denied to the forefront of our awareness, and gain valuable insights. This non-directive approach is based on the belief that the client may discover the message within the image for themselves.  No art/drawing experience necessary.

To find out more about Person-Centred Art visit PCATA

Play Therapy

Play therapy is a form of counselling that aims to help people, mainly children, communicate more effectively through difficult emotional times. It uses different play techniques to help the counsellor reflect back what is happening during the sessions and promote open dialogue. Some of the techniques used during play therapy include role playing drama, puppets & masks, sand tray and clay work.

“Really enjoyed the entire weekend – felt safe & comfortable learnt lots and it was loads of fun!”

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