We are currently not taking on any placements for counselors, we are still open for new client referrals



You can fundraise by doing an event and asking people to sponsor you, no matter how large or how small the plan you have you will be surprised at what can be done. You could… run, cycle or swim, or bake, or car boot, or set up a charity shop in your school, or climb, or walk, or keep quiet, or sing, or play snooker, or wear 258 t-shirts at once.

The ideas are almost endless. Our A-to-Z image below may help you decide or you can come up with your own whacky idea. AtoZ_Cloud

If you are planning to undertake some challenge or fundraising event please get in touch with us and let us know. It is also worth asking at the company you work for if they have a corporate giving scheme. Many companies offer to double any donations received, it is worth asking them.

For other ideas on what you can do look at our fundraisers page and see what has already been done.

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